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How predictive analytics has been implemented in a company’s core business practice
DATA ALCHEMY Conference: Emerging Trends of Predictive Analytics for Marketing - Sales - Finance - IT Predictive Analytics Become Successful Using PA in Your Business   Predictive analytics is all about using patterns that are found in your historical and real-time data to signal what is coming ahead. Predictive analytics can identify future risks and opportunities for sales, customer service, dynamic pricing, churn prediction, and predictive maintenance. It’s the next big competitive edge for business because over the next eighteen months the use of predictive analytics will become standard. By the end of 2015, 50% of applications are going to be predictive. (Aragon Research) Leverage predictive or be faced with playing a catch up game.   Receive our eGuide on How To Become Successful Using Predictive Analytics in your department.  Industries that benefit: finance, travel, insurance, publishing, telecom, education, tech, energy, advertising and manufacturing. Using predictive analytics will help you to turn your data into gold and is meant to keep you learning from new data as your company grows.
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