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Management of Human Resources: Innovative Technologies and Experiences of Silicon Valley
San Mateo, CA – Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosted an executive training program focused on reviewing and selecting innovative practices and applications in the field of human resource management and recruitment for Latin America. The executive training program was held on December, 6-13 for a group of  the Chilean Air Force HR managers, with emphasis on past innovations in human resource management. The program was designed to empower the Chilean HR managers with the knowledge and guidance to select individuals who excel in all aspects for their armed forces.  

Short report

"The 8-day program got underway on the 7th December with a tour of San Francisco. On the 8th of December, the Introductory Presentation was given by Arthur Stepanyan, the VP of Operations at SVIC. After a coffee break, the participants visited SAP, where they met with Sr. Director of HR Prasad Tatimeti and Chief Learning Officer Jenny Dearborn. Then, back at SVIC office, a presentation was given by Martin Ryssen, the COO of TalenToday. The day concluded with a final presentation, given by Marie Minder, the HR Director on ‘How to Find and Attract Top Talent’.
On the subsequent day, the participants were given a seminar on ‘How Technology Has Transformed HR’ by Alexey Dang, a fellow Silicon Valley Specialist. After a break, the next seminar was conducted by David White, in which David and the participants discussed on ‘How to Retain Talent When you’ve Acquired It’. The participants were then taken for a visit to PeopleConnect, where they had a meeting with company CEO, Max Shapiro. The last presentation of the day was concluded there.
The next day continued in a similar manner, starting off with a seminar by Archively at the SVIC office. All of the presentations and seminars were designed to provide knowledge of breakthroughs and concepts in HR Management and Recruitment. The participants got to meet with industry experts from some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley, who imparted their knowledge and experience by recounting live examples from their own careers.
The participants also took a visit to the Computer History Museum, where they got to learn more about how computers had become an integral part of human resource management. Furthermore, the participants were also taken for a visit to the Google HQ on the same day.
The program involved visiting different organizations and meeting top executives, along with presentations and seminars that were focused on highlighting innovations in human resource management, as well as how new technologies had streamlined the process. The participants also learned about corporate education, and the latest distance learning techniques in use today. Other trends in HR management, tools for analysis and new methods were also discussed. Emphasis was also given to investing in new technologies for HR management, as well as selecting universities as prime sources for scouting talent.
The final day consisted of company visits to BenefitFocus and Mercer Consulting where the group met HR specialists. Then, the participants had a meeting with Consul General of Chile, Mr. Rolando Ortega Klose  and his team for a discussion of cultural and economic ties between Chile and California. At the end of the program, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center handed out certificates to the graduates of the program, and hosted a celebratory banquet for the esteemed guests.
“Silicon Valley Innovation Center is one of the leading organizations that organizes executive educational programs, seminars, and workshops to individual entrepreneurs and corporate clients in the areas of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. We develop relationships between our clients and partners with companies, people and technologies that are in the epicenter of innovation – Silicon Valley.‘’ – said Andrey Kunov, PhD., the President of SVIC."

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