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Executive Summer Program.
San Mateo, CA – Silicon Valley Innovation Center recently organized a three-week startup camp for the Kazakh winners of the KazINNO competition held by the National Agency for Technological Development for innovative projects in the spheres of IT, biotech, energy and agriculture. They took part in the program of accelerated development and incubation of innovative projects over the period from October 26 through November 15, 2014.  

Short report

The camp included 21 days of seminars, workshops and visits designed to help the Kazakh team winners to work on their projects with experienced mentors, and have an opportunity to establish relations with foreign partners, as well as present their startups to potential investors in Silicon Valley.  The camp began with an opening presentation by Silicon Valley Innovation Center President Andrey Kunov. Mr. He delivered a foundational speech that helped participants understand the key components of the innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley.  Later that day, participants heard a presentation on early-stage investing from David Shen of David Shen Ventures, and visited prestigious Stanford University.

During the next three weeks, participants were offered advice by a wide array of experts, including:  Scott Mauvais of Microsoft Technology Center; Rick Rasmussen of Concordia Ventures; Alex Babin of Clickberry; Daniil Brodovich of TalktoChef; Vasily Nikolaev of Nanooptic Devices; Jonathan Baer of Threshold Ventures; Vitaly Golomb of Keen Systems; Michael Geer of AnchorFree; Nathan Gold of The Demo Coach; Denis Krupennikov of Google; Fadi Bishara of Blackbox Startup Accelerator; Jack Katz of Novusglobe; Ken Singer of CET Berkeley; Dr. Juan Montermoso of Santa Clara University; Kyle Ellicott of Tech Zulu; Kevin Smith of Seedchange; Age Sluis of EFactor Global; Pavel Pogodin of TransPacific Law Group; Marvin Liao of 500 Startups; Kenneth Chiu and Timothy Greene of Orrick; Hugh Molotsi of Intuit Labs Incubator; Ryan McCarrigan of Lean Studio, etc.

The Startup Camp participants received some of the most useful and practical advice possible on how to leverage Silicon Valley investment opportunities.  According to Rick Rasmussen of Concordia Ventures, “Silicon Valley represents one of the great landscapes of successful investment opportunity present in the United States today.  The combination of friendly investment climates and cutting-edge technology makes this area one of the best for startup investors.” Andrey Kunov added, “Our camp provided Kazakh entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn from Silicon Valley experts about the right combination of practical business approaches and innovative techniques that could make their startups successful not only in Kazakhstan, but also in global market”.

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