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Career Counseling in Educational Institutions: Innovative Approaches in the Work of Career Counselors
San Mateo, CA – Silicon Valley Innovation Center organized an executive training focused on Career Counseling for the executive members and counselors of the faculty of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan. The goal of the program was to provide faculty members and counselors with guidance regarding the vast amount of opportunities that are available in Silicon Valley, and to enable exchange of knowledge as well as future collaboration between the leaders of school education in Kazakhstan and some of the most prominent educational organizations based in the United States.  

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The 8-day program started on the 1st of December, with an orientation session and a workshop on ‘New trends in vocational guidance work with students in the 21st century. This was followed by a seminar which focused on how to be an effective career counselor. Recognized individuals from the field of education visited to share their views on how present day technology could be used to improve career counseling, as well as how fresh graduates could apply themselves in the field of modern technology.

Each day the individuals were shown a number of presentations, designed to provide them with an idea of the growing number of opportunities that were available in the world of tech. On the second day, the faculty members and counselors were taken on a tour of different campuses, and were given presentations on effective strategies for selective admission to universities, as well as other opportunities that students could avail.

The third and fourth day were focused on more specific topics, primarily on how to help students find their place in life. They were also presented with strategies on how to improve student performance and stimulate achievements among individuals. On the fifth and sixth day, representatives from different business schools and educational organizations visited to give their presentations on the dramatic changes brought about by technology in the approach to choosing a career. Specific focus was also given on the collaboration between schools, colleges and universities in order to stimulate learning between students, with speakers from Stanford University also giving their presentations to the participants.

“Silicon Valley Innovation Center comprises of a team of professionals united by a common goal – to promote the spirit of innovation throughout the world. The company specializes in organizing executive education programs, workshops, and master classes for business owners and top executives in different industries. SVIC has so far completed 30+ successful executive trainings in the area of business and innovations.” – the president of Silicon Valley Innovation Center Andrey Kunov said."


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