ROBOTICS AS A BUSINESS: Monetizing the Emerging Megatrend in Commercial Robotics


The Robotics as a Business conference – the first of the annual events organized by Silicon Valley Innovation Center as a part of its Emerging Trends and Disruptive Technologies series of conferences – took place on July 30-31 in San Mateo, CA.

Short report

On the Day 1 of the conference, the Keynote speaker, Professor Ashutosh Saxena, described the RoboBrain project that he leads for a joint team of Cornell and Stanford universities. Then, the audience had an opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions with thought leaders and industry experts, manning the four panels throughout the day. Guided by the conference Chairman Arthur Stepanyan, the speakers discussed vagaries of investing in robotics, shared their experience and best industry practices, their points of view on disruptive applications of robotics in various industries, such as hospitality, education, healthcare and retail. 

Two of the speakers attended via telepresence robots: the first used Kubi by Revolve Robotics and the second – Beam Pro by Suitable Technologies.

The final panel of the day, Turning Technology into Business, was moderated by Silicon Valley legend, CEO of OLogic Ted Larson. The panelists discussed design and implementation of successful robotics technologies.

Day 2 of the conference provided the attendees a unique opportunity to participate in the Open House Tour of the Bay Area robotics companies, with highlights including visits to OSH hardware store and aLoft hotel, to see how OSHbot by Fellow Robots helps shoppers find the products they need, and how the Relay by Savioke delivers the hotel guests their orders straight to their door.

The Open House Tour was a big hit among the attendees and participating companies alike, and at least two business deals are in progress as a result of this experiment, that will be repeated next year, for the 2016 Robotics as a Business conference, planned for the end of June.

The Robotics as a Business conference received support from many local and international partners, notable among which are the Crunchbase, Robotics Today, Robonews, Startup Digest, and Silicon Valley chapter of SME.

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