SVIC's Executive Programs Teach You How To Protect & Equip Your Business Against Disruptive Trends

Learn about the future of your business

Silicon Valley Innovation Center organizes executive programs in technology innovation for top managers and board members of global corporations to better understand upcoming disruptive technologies and emerging trends and to meet with industry disruptors face to face.

Our programs bring together the best elements of our partner innovation ecosystem here in Silicon Valley which include: top industry experts, leading tech corporations, disruptive startups, business incubators, R&D centers, venture capital firms, angel investors, service providers, government agencies, progressive universities.

With Our Custom Programs, The Options Are Endless

We specialize in creating customized executive education programs in Silicon Valley. We work with the world's most influential companies, top universities, and innovation centers to tailor the programs to each company’s specific needs and objectives. Our corporate custom programs provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

We have extensive experience in combining powerful program content with real-world experiential learning. All our programs are a combination of workshops, trainings, executive coaching, case studies, and facilitated dialogues.


Our speakers are outstanding thought leaders and innovators, recognized and respected in their field. They will uncover new insights and facilitate your personal and professional growth and development.


Our customer-centric approach allows us to create uniquely designed executive programs that fit specific needs and business challenges of your company.

Our Unique Approach

Here Is How We Do It


We begin every engagement with an in-depth discovery process - asking questions and listening carefully to your business challenges and desired outcomes in order to create a custom program to fit your needs.


We combine traditional and real-world experience learning to design a program that will help achieve your business goals. To create the most relevant learning experience, we use the best methods and tools, curriculum and business simulation activities. We aim at delivering measurable results.


We work with you to provide the best consultants that work closely with you and accompany you throughout the program to enhance your experience.



We develop an eGuide research to help you understand disruptive trends and break-through innovations in your chosen field or industry to help increase your company's performance, evolve your business model, and raise productivity with the help of new technology.



We provide monthly briefing reports on emerging trends and related innovation in your field of expertise or industry to help you stay on top of new trends and developments.



If you would like to extend your program to enjoy many beautiful things about San Francisco Bay Area, we will connect you to knowledgeable and professional tour operators that will help make your stay even more memorable and enjoyable.

Industry ExecutivePrograms

Venture Capital

Investment Trends and Innovation: New Sources of Growth 


Learn secrets of successful investing in technology startups from leading Silicon Valley investors. Educate yourself on new trends in venture capital and best practices in startup investing at various stages of startup lifecycle.



Retail Banking: Emerging Technologies and Opportunity


Be ahead of the curve with insights about the future of banking from leading innovators in financial industry. Learn how to protect your business and leverage Silicon Valley’s innovation in finance technology.



New Era of Digital technology and The Future of Insurance


Obtain actionable strategic insights helping shape the future of insurance. Identify the greatest disruptive forces that may impact your business. Get direct access to visionaries and technologies transforming the insurance industry.



Disruptive Technologies and Innovation in Telecommunication




Discover disruptive innovations undermining the business model of Telecommunications companies, find out how to deal with these changes and capture more market value.



Future of Retail: Innovative Technologies in Retail Industry




Learn how to benefit from the transformation of retail industry and apply innovative business models that drive sales, reduce costs, and keep your customers happy.


Real Estate

A New Era of Real Estate: Disruptive Trends and Technologies


Real Estete


Find out about technology-enabled industry disruptions in real estate development. Learn new technologies and innovations in the real estate industry.



The Future of Energy: Innovation as an Imperative for Growth


Address the needs of evolving energy sector by identifying and developing new energy products. Learn how to use new business models and technology innovation in energy production and consumption to stay ahead of competition.



Business Innovation With Information Technology: Continuing Innovation in IT


Gain insight into the latest technology developments of Silicon Valley tech companies and startups. Learn new approaches for gaining competitive advantage from innovative best practices of industry leaders.


Oil and Gas

Tech Effect: Smarter and Cleaner Oil and Gas Production


Learn how a digital oil and gas field can maximize revenues and minimize expenses. Take advantage of new technologies to redefine production possibilities and reduce environmental impact. Find out how to turn waste into energy.


Functional Excellence Programs


Digital Transformation: Building Marketing Strategy for Innovation


Learn how to use the latest marketing technologies to grow your brand and multiply leads with minimal budget. Silicon Valley experts will share new marketing tools and best-in-class marketing campaigns.


Human Resources

Human Resource: Strategic Advantage Through HR Innovation

Meet the World’s Best Companies to Work For and learn strategies, tactics, and new technology tools for attracting and motivating top talent. Find out how to create an attractive work environment and bring out creativity in the workplace


New Era of Management: Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 Learn how disruptive technologies and industry conversion may affect the future your business. Discuss best practices and new management strategies of leading innovative companies of Silicon Valley.  


Best Practices for Successful Investing in Innovative Startups


Meet with renowned angel investors and venture capital funds to learn how to discover the next Facebook and develop an attractive investment proposal. Hear real success stories of investing in technology startups in Silicon Valley.



The Secrets of IT: Using Innovation and IT to Drive Productivity


Dive into the fascinating ecosystem of innovative businesses of Silicon Valley. Learn about successful IT business models from leading tech corporations, fast-growing startups, business incubators, top universities, and venture funds.



Introduction to Silicon Valley: Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Learn to use emerging market trends to create new business opportunities. Master new entrepreneural management strategies and the discipline of systematic innovation to be prepared to respond to change.

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