Introduction to Silicon Valley: Ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Silicon Valley Guide: New Approaches to Leveraging Silicon Valley Resources

Program Description

Silicon Valley experts, leading innovative companies, and universities will share the latest innovation ideas, emerging technology trends, and entrepreneurship best practices. You will hear real stories about how world leading businesses use new approaches to leveraging the Silicon Valley technology resources along with access to venture capital to create cutting-edge entrepreneurship capabilities.

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Program Highlights

Master the culture of innovation

Master the culture of innovation from the analysis of opportunities to achievement of leadership.

New technologies and disruptors

Learn about emerging technologies and disruptive companies in Silicon Valley, and the effect they have on global established businesses.

Learn new entrepreneurial management strategies

Acquire entrepreneurial competence to keep up with economical and societal changes.

Access to new ideas and latest technologies

Get inspired with new ideas and become familiar with new technologies developed in Silicon Valley.

Networking opportunities

Network with leading industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Company tours

Get an insider view and meet company executives during organized visits to leading Silicon Valley companies, universities, and investment funds.

What You Will Learn

How to exploit change to create new opportunities

Learn how to use emerging market trends and sources for innovative opportunities in enterprises to create new business opportunities.

Entrepreneurial strategies in the marketplace

Find out how to create and retain a competitive advantage in the changing marketplace.

Disciple of systematic innovation

Learn how to create a discipline of innovation by being prepared to respond to change with new products and services.

New design-thinking and problem-solving skills

Learn how to create value through innovative products and services.

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What Is Included in The Program

Participation in the executive training;
Visa support (official invitation for B1/B2 visas);
Transfers (during the entire program: airport, hotels, company visits);
Synchronized interpretation;
Accompaniment during the program;
Lunches (Mon-Fri)
Program Completion Certificate



Who Should Attend

Top executives and managers of large business, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions
Entrepreneurs interested in mastering the culture of innovation
Starting and experiences investors
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Companies Participated in Past Programs

500 Startups
500 Startups
Plug & Play
Plug & Play
Stanford University
Stanford Univer
Band of Angels
Band of Angels
CET Berkeley
CET Berkeley
San Francisco Elevatorpitch
San Francisco E

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