The New Digital Transformation: Building Marketing Strategy for Innovation

Mastering New Ways Of Digital Marketing

Program Description

Silicon Valley Innovation Center offers a high-ranking executive education program specifically designed to explore crucial business shifts and innovative marketing concepts vital to business success.

With a focus on real-world knowledge and best practices in marketing, the program equips you with new skills and innovative marketing techniques to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Join our program and gain new perspectives on modern-day marketing.


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Program Highlights

New ideas and revolutionary technologies in marketing

Social and Mobile Marketing

Discover powerful ways to improve your social and mobile marketing. Align digital campaign strategy with your company objectives and brand strategy. Master mobile optimization.

Marketing automation

Discover keys to successful marketing automation. Learn how to build a pipeline of leads, increase revenue, and generate new customers. Accelerate your sales funnel and build stronger relationships with your audience.

data-driven marketing

Discover what you can do to embrace data-driven marketing and gain control of today’s digital marketing environment. Leverage best practices, adopt new marketing approaches, and develop data-driven strategies.

marketing performance

Use data analysis to optimize user experience and make your data goals clear. Evaluate relevant tools and concepts used in digital marketing, acquire new skills to improve results of your digital marketing campaigns.

Growth Hacking

Find out how growth hacking is redefining marketing. Learn real growth hacking strategies and tactics. Discover how to apply growth hacking to your content marketing.

User-generated content

Turn your user-generated content into real authentic connections. Discover how Silicon Valley pioneers attract and retain a clearly defined audience and make their brands more approachable by using Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

"It feels great when your expectations are met. When you meet interesting, motivated and very-very diverse people. It feels even better when the reality exceeds your expectations. When the stories you read about, turned out to be true. And people that you meet demonstrate the best qualities of human nature - belief, competency and will to change the world for the best. Thanks to organizers for the great choice of companies and their representatives. Because of the difference in interests and opinions, culture and values, Silicon Valley now seems as not something formal and idolized but a lively, growing space, which goal is development, self-realization and wealth-creation. Amazing trip, which completely justified every cent I invested in it. I belief that this is one of the best investment in my life! Thank you!"

Stanislav Borisov CEO, Digitalprom

What You Will Learn

Adopt best practices for digital marketing

Learn best practices for digital marketing success and take a closer look at the challenges facing digital marketing. Discover new solutions to create new opportunities.

Understand marketing program development

Learn how to create profit-driven marketing, sales, and customer plans, and convert marketing activities into revenue streams.

Measure and track success

Track success of your digital marketing campaigns with advance analytical tools. Learn how to improve and optimize marketing campaigns continuously.

Enhance customer engagement

Learn how to create engaging content, find out how to get steady traffic on product and service pages and increase the number of active users.

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What Is Included in The Program

Participation in the executive program;
Visa support (official invitation for B1/B2 visas);
Transfers (during the entire program: hotels, company visits);
Accompaniment during the program;
Lunches (5 days, Mon-Fr)



Who Should Attend

Marketing VPs
Marketing Directors
Experiential Marketing Directors and Managers
Social Media Marketers
Mobile Marketers
Creative Directors
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