Tech Effect: Smarter and Cleaner Oil and Gas Production

Technology Innovation and Adoption in Oil & Gas Industry

Program Description

Gain insight into the latest technology advances that make oil and gas easier, safer, cleaner, and cheaper to extract. Evaluate business opportunity and find out how to commercialize new trends in oil and gas exploration, extraction, and refining.

Be the first to learn about breakthrough innovation that creates more valuable resources, reduces impact on environment, and increases efficiency.

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Program Highlights

Technology breakthroughs

Learn about recent technology advances that are helping the industry find new reserves, exploit mature fields, and satisfy demand with more convenient resources.

Innovation as a secret for success

Find out why research and development investments are critical to helping oil and gas companies grow and compete, and how a well-defined innovation strategy separates the best from the rest.

Use innovation to optimize supply chain

Find out about the profound effect technological innovation has on all aspects of the supply chain providing more efficient ways to explore, drill, produce, process, and distribute oil and gas.

Smart oil and gas fields

Learn how moving to smart oil and gas fields provides improved exploration and production, safer operating conditions, increases flexibility, reduces complexity, cuts operational costs, and improves efficiency.

Clean energy trends

Learn more about the commercial potential of solar energy, wind energy, biofuel, and energy storage technologies.

Tours of facilities

Meet executives of the most successful companies in the industry during organized visits to their innovation centers.

Program Facts

Participating speakers
Engaging Companies
Business connections
Open discussions

What You Will Learn

How to manage change

Find out how shifts in energy policy, technology, and consumer focus are driving transformation throughout the industry.

How to gain a competitive advantage

Learn how to achieve competitive advantage within a regulated monopoly environment.

How to foster growth through innovation

Learn how to establish an effective innovation processes, develop a healthy tolerance for risk, and identify ideas that should be commercialized, ending with the delivery and monetization of the innovation.

How to use innovation to improve efficiency

Take advantage of the latest technology to optimize production, improve safety and security, and reduce operating costs.

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What Is Included in The Program

Participation in the executive training;
Visa support (official invitation for B1/B2 visas);
Transfers (during the entire program: airport, hotels, company visits);
Synchronized interpretation;
Accompaniment during the program;
Lunches (Mon-Fr)
Program Completion Certificate



Who Should Attend

Executives and top management of oil and gas companies
Directors and strategic managers who are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge
Distribution, supply chain, and business development professionals who want to develop professional contacts with the world leaders in the energy sector
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Companies Participated in Past Programs

Nest Lab
Nest Lab
Pacific Biodiesel
Pacific Biodies

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