A New Era of Real Estate: Disruptive Trends and Technologies

Big Ideas in Real Estate

Program Description

Learn about technology-enabled disruptive innovation that is shaping the real estate industry. Commercial and residential real estate structures are beginning to resemble living beings. They collect energy on their own, they adapt to changes in the environment, and they communicate with you. Understand why disruptive innovation is instrumental to real estate industry growth.

Find out how paradigm shifts in other industries are bringing disruption to real estate. Learn about new trends in real estate finance that have the potential to disrupt business as usual.

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Program Highlights

New ideas and revolutionary technologies in real estate

Disruption trends transforming the industry

Learn how technological advances are radically changing the industry landscape and what steps you can take to stay ahead of the game.

New technologies in real estate

Find out about the opportunities connected real estate offers to developers and owners to create better work conditions and increase property value.

The future of built environment

Learn how to manage change and create a process for designing and renovating buildings to meet changing customer demands.

Real estate investment trends

Learn about what challenges and opportunities new investment trajectories bring to the industry.

Seminars & round-tables with leading experts

Find out about the latest trends and engage in live discussions with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors in real estate.

Company visits

Meet executives of the most technologically advanced companies in Silicon Valley during organized visits to their companies.

What You Will Learn

How to use disruptive innovation for growth

Learn to recognize and capitalize on disruptive trends early on to generate benefits for everyone involved.

How to foster innovation

Find out what is required to embrace change and execute disruptive innovation.

How to keep a competitive advantage

Discover how to adapt quickly to the changing market environment and use innovation to remain competitive and effective.

How to optimize costs

Learn how innovation can reduce real estate costs and improve the bottom line and financial returns.

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What Is Included in The Program

Participation in the executive training;
Sightseeing tours in San Francisco;
Visa support (official invitation for B1/B2 visas);
Transfers (during the entire program: airport, hotels, company visits);
Accompaniment during the program;
Synchronized interpretation; Lunches (5 days, Mon-Fr)



Who Should Attend

Top executives and managers of real estate companies
Real estate investors and advisors
Entrepreneurs interested in real estate innovation
Real estate developers
Real estate service providers
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Companies Participated in Past Programs

The Irvine Company
The Irvine Comp

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