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"It’s been a great week, and a fantastic program focused on Silicon Valley innovation and specifically innovation in AgriTech. We got a good mix of both. Great learnings, great insights, and great fun. We had a great time and really had our minds opened to the full range of opportunities to improve our business. Thanks again for all your time and excellent contacts across the valley and beyond. It made the trip very productive and valuable for all of us."

Andrew Crane CEO, CBH Group, Australia

"The Brazilian team was delighted with the visits to Silicon Valley companies. We were particularly interested in the presentation made at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center about Tesla and the Energy subject. Thank you SVIC for your support during our visit."

Renato Sarzano Managing Director, Continental Tires

"Thank you so much for a memorable and successful immersion experience with SVIC. The program was very well structured and the choice of organizations from SV was very well thought through. Thank you for the professional and friendly way SVIC went about shepherding us around the Valley and arranging the key introductions. I was pleased to receive the feedback - as I am sure other members of our party will be. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again soon and until then, I would like to wish SVIC continued success always."

Trent Bartlett Non Executive Director, Chair of Remuneration Committee, Audit & Risk Committee Member, CBH Group

"I would like to thank the Silicon Valley Innovation Center for the incredible journey you organized for us. The quality of the chosen companies and the speakers were simply perfect. We learnt a lot and discovered a new world. Thank you."

Claude De Neef Chief Operating Officer, D'Ieteren

"Thank you for the fantastic experience! That was an amazing and inspiring program. I’m a different person since last week. Thank you for the impact you made."

Henno Janmaat Creative Engine at Inspiring People, Netherlands

"Many thanks for the great week. I enjoyed my visit to Silicon Valley. It was very inspiring. SVIC put a great program together. Thank you for making our visit a memorable event! I look forward to keeping in touch!"

Enrique Aznar Group Chief Values & Culture Transformation Officer at VimpelCom, Netherlands

"Thank you SVIC. We loved the program and working with all of you. I personally can't say enough good about it. It was an awesome week and program! I wish I was coming back soon."

John DiGiovanni Solution Architect Health & Technology Innovation Center at Christiana Care, USA

"Silicon Valley Innovation Center provided a tailor-made, very efficient immersion week into FinTech evolutions. It gives the synthetic view of the opportunities and threats within the sector and provides ample contact possibilities with investors, accelerators, and FinTech companies in a wide variety of application."

Dr Marcia De Wachter Executive Director and Honorary Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Belgium

"The immersion tour was very successful and everyone had a great time - and learned a lot about the various disruptive influences likely to impact RACV's business now and into the future. I would be happy to recommend SVIC to any of RACV's business contacts if they are considering a similar tour in the future.
Thank you again for your contribution and that of your team in making RACV's visit a very rewarding experience."

Richard Sanzin Company Secretary, RACV

"SVIC does a wonderful job of connecting companies like Affirm with leaders of top companies throughout the world. At Affirm, we have found the trading of knowledge, ideas, and experience with these organizations has been impactful for all parties, and we always look forward to future programs."

Brad Selby Chief Development Officer at Affirm, Inc., USA

"Please accept my congratulations for an excellent conference. You guys did a great job of speakers, content and logistics."

Rakesh Bhatia Advisory Board Member, Fintonia Group

"SVIC, thank you for a fantastic immersion program. It was an excellent and truly inspiring to be a part of the group and experience the innovation culture of Silicon Valley. You did a great job on speakers, content, and logistics.”

Alex Zimin, Managing Partner Foresight + VC Fund

"Thanks again for organizing the Banking Disrupted event, I really enjoyed the content and meeting some familiar faces. Let's definitely talk about some marketing partnership for next year, I will put it on the radar of our marketing team, but please let me know when you start planning the next event."

Tomas Likar VP of Strategy and Business Development, Hyperwallet Systems Inc.

"Congratulations on an excellent conference! Great lineup of speakers, effective networking, diverse audience, and almost problem-free logistics. I think this was an enjoyable and helpful conference for everyone."

Graham Seel Founder and Principal Consultant, BankTech Consulting

"I enjoyed the event and thought it had a higher quality of content than most I've been too. So well done."

Farhan Ahmad CEO and Founder, Bento

"I just wanted to say that it was a really great event top to bottom. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it."

Brett Noyes Managing Partner,

"The overall program was very well suited to the interests I had: 1. Taking a 60,000 look at the valley while being able to selectively dive deep, subject to interest; 2. Traveling with a small, hand picked co-hort, with the potential to create deeper bonds, subject to interest; and 3. Enjoying the sights and sounds of the Valley. All three were delivered, in spades."

William Tharp Chairman & CEO, CCI Group

"Last week was one of the most incredible experiences I've had in years. I not only enjoyed all the learning, but the company as well. Thank you for putting together such an incredible group and a special thanks to you and your colleagues for the care and support in making our time together so memorable."

Scott Syphax Chairman & CEO, The Nehemiah Companies

"The FinTech week by Silicon Valley Innovation Center has opened my horizons and made it very clear that I personally and the companies I am working for are not yet sufficiently participating in the innovation economy. With the opportunities that have been presented and the connections I have made, I am determined to change that in very short order."

Oliver Buechse Founder, MyStrategySource

"I want to thank you for a fantastic program. Your program was extremely relevant, fast paced and gave me a wonderful introduction into Silicon Valley. My mind have been stretched and the program more than met my expectations. I was blown away with the professionalism, punctuality, the high quality of the content, and the level of companies we had the privilege to visit. Congratulations on an excellent program."

Kobus Barnard CEO, Allegiance Consulting (Pty) Ltd

"The experience SVIC provided us was both transformational and very enlightening. Silicon Valley is a unique experience where collaboration and sharing is second nature. Being given the opportunity to review our strategic direction in light of more contemporary innovators and disruptive technologies was invaluable."

Board of Directors RACV

"The Silicon Valley Immersion program was very thought provoking and feeds well into our bank's digital next-gen agenda and the innovation framework. Thank you for the impact you made."

Donna-Maree Vinci Group Executive, Enterprise Solutions, Bank of Queensland

"Thank you for such a wonderfully inspiring week. Your commitment, attention and stimulation made for a very thought provoking week. It was truly transformational. I look forward to keeping in touch!"

Jacki Johnson CEO at IAG New Zealand

"A fantastic experience with a strong practical component, useful and motivational meetings and relevant insights from the VC and entrepreneurial scene of Silicon Valley. Highly recommended, helped build up a new vision and strategy for my FinTech company in the following months. Exactly that kind of desired experience that is missing from and Executive MBA."

Mihai Ivascu CEO and Founder, MoneyMailMe

"The Fintech Week event by the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre was extremely informative and worthwhile. Not only was it great to connect with the directors of the companies we were meeting with but also the other attendees of Fintech Week. If you're in the Fintech space or considering moving into this industry, Fintech Week would enable you to gain valuable insights into the market, and how best to innovate and accelerate your idea."

Stephanie Brennan Global Wealth Adviser, Stephanie Brennan

"SVIC created a terrific experience all week. Thank you! I look forward to staying in touch with you and this group. Many new & wonderful relationships created - thank you!"

Angelique Mohring Founder & CEO | Chief Innovation Officer, GainX Inc.

"Thank you for this wonderful (and intense!) week we had together. I learned so much from all these young and bright people we met. Apart from the quality of the agenda, you guys were so punctual and organized through the week: we had no delays in transportation, no last minute meeting changes, no promises broken at all."

Hakan Yilmaz SVP, Consumer and Micro Credits Allocation, Akbank

"Thank you, SVIC, for organizing the trip to Kiev. It was very informative and useful. This trip, including the meetings with the mayor of Kiev City Popov and the Ukrainian businesses, helped our delegation to understand the business environment in Ukraine and to appreciate Ukrainian culture."

Kelly Porter Partner, Woodside Capital Partners (USA)

"The team at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is very well connected locally in the Silicon Valley and also brings their multi-national team together to bridge Silicon Valley to reputable leaders around the world. I am honored to be affiliated with the impressive list of great speakers they bring to their events such as Pitch Johnson and other greats."

Andrew Romans Co-founder of Rubicon Venture Capital (USA)

"Being new to "The Valley", I found the Silicon Valley Innovation Center immensely useful in plugging me into many different resources for my business. I've now met investors, tech executives, and new colleagues through SVIC programs. I can attest the return on investment from working with the Silicon Valley innovation center is high!"

Michael Geer COO of Anchorfree Inc. (USA)

"SVIC is a fascinating new hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and all those keen to follow new developments and trends. My talks and seminars there based on my innovation books with IDEO have impressed me with the enthusiasm and talent of the attendees, and the quality of the participating companies ­­– from Pandora to Cisco, UCSF, Symantec and others. Ideally located in San Mateo in an appealing space, SVIC is an excellent forum to exchange ideas. It's a great way to expand your network."

Jonathan Littman Co-Author of "The Ten Faces of Innovation: IDEO's Strategies" (USA)

"My impression of the program on Innovation in HR, organized by SV Innovation Center, was very positive. It was very useful to be able to interact with innovation leaders in the HR industry. What impressed me most were presentations about Psychometrics by Martin Ryssen, How to retain talent by David White, Talent Strategy 3.0 by Margatt Graziano, and Teamable by Laura Bilazarian. And of course, the professional company visits were very gratifying."

Luis Araya Personnel Command Officer, Chilean Air Force (Chile)

"I would like to thank Silicon Valley Innovation Center for their excellent work in organizing the delegation of venture capitalists to the Innovation Forum “Kyiv City Open Doors”. The trip was very interesting! The program provided a great understanding of the initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation, unfolding in Kiev and Ukraine as a whole."

Roman Kikta Managing Partner, Mobility Ventures, LLC (USA)

"Thank you for the excellent training! On this trip to Silicon Valley I connected directly with the various companies in my area. It also found out where the industry is moving. Moreover, our people have received a boost of energy from the very spirit of Silicon Valley. I admire the work of SVIC. Thank you for the priceless experience I gained from the program! "

Valentin Peltek Noosphere Ventures (USA)

"In-person private meetings with game designers from the leading companies helped me quickly understand the key elements of the gaming industry in Silicon Valley and create a new vision for the future."

Den Didkovsky Murka Games (Ukraine)

"Thank you, SVICenter, for organizing the outstanding business program for our delegation of professors and top administration in Silicon Valley from 16 - 19 June 2012! Due to your efforts and professionalism we have learned a lot about the new disruptive technologies and emerging trends in higher education industry. Sincerely.”

Julia Datsko President of SEF "Economics and Management" (Russia)

"First of all, thank you for the wonderful program. It was a unique opportunity to look at the successful companies from the inside, talk to the colleagues about the future trends with high potential. The most memorable was the feeling of the spirit of Silicon Valley, where the start-ups are being created with the aspiration to change the world . And if it brings money in the end, it is a double success. I was struck by the casual atmosphere of the offices of Google, Facebook,, open and friendly attitude of the staff to the guests. I was amazed by how many successful companies there are in the small area of ​​Silicon Valley."

Sergio Yurkin CEO, SimbirSoft (Russia)

“The program included visits to the companies, meetings with the entrepreneurs, interactions among the participants of the trip. To be honest, I did not know what to expect for the program. But I was pleasantly surprised at how such a dialogue with representatives of the leading companies in Silicon Valley broadens the mind and opens a new vision on many issues. It is interesting to talk to people who have been successful and are willing to talk not only about their successful solutions, but also of the mistakes that they made. And also with the employees of large companies that influence the development of the company and are empowered to make strategic decisions. I think part in this trip was extremely useful. Thank you very much!”

Alex Shortage Logics of Finance (Eastern Europe)

"Thanks to the program in Silicon Valley, our group was able to get acquainted much deeper with the culture and the process of innovation in large, successful companies such as Google, SAP, Facebook, and also to hold meetings with companies in the financial sector (Intuit, Paypal). Visits to the business incubators organically supplemented the goals of the program. The tour as a whole was extremely practical and useful, with personal immersion to the corporate culture and the best practices of Silicon Valley companies, which will help us create and sustain innovation."

Vlad Urban Head of e-commerce, Alpha Bank (Russia)

"We would like to thank SVIC for their hard work and for organizing such a productive program in Silicon Valley. We certainly had an effect of" breaking "our understanding of what’s possible to achieve in our business. We learnt from and shared best practices with the leaders of the international companies in our field, got detailed information about the education process at Stanford University, gained an understanding of the culture and business practices used in tthe cradle of the world's StartUp business. Thanks you, guys, for your hard work, for the idea of ​​such a project and for the opportunity. It is a significant milestone in our life's journey! "

Eugene Sopin Nebupay Holdings (Cyprus)

"SVIC organized a unique program tailored toward our interests. Informative meeting with best-in-class companies and universities in Silicon Valley. Excellent cultural program (at San Francisco and Napa Valley wine.) During just one week, we were able to get more experience and knowledge than we could otherwise get in a year! In-person meetings with company insiders were valuable"

Serge Schiemann CTO, FishSticks Games (Ukraine)

"The executive training program exceeded my highest expectations. I was amazed not only by the diversity and the highest level of speakers from the US venture funds, but the quality of our group - young, successful professionals with the diverse background, motivated to succeed."

Vyacheslav Davidenko Angel Investor

"I'd like to thank SVIC for outstanding work organizing the Silicon Valley tour. Starting from the pick-up at the aeroport to the last minute of the tour, everything was organized on the highest level: amazing curriculum with visits to the companies - worldwide IT leaders (Google, Facebook, Apple etc.); interesting meetings with companies' representatives, startups, venture funds; flawless logistics (food, transfers, informal meetings during dinners) - all these turn the tour into a very engaging and extremely useful trip that gives participants tons of new knowledge, new contacts and lots of new ideas. I highly recommend SVIC and will definitely be working with this company in the future."

Aleh Barysevich Director of Marketing, BellPrime Solutions LLC (Ukraine)

"Silicon Valley is a shining example of a region thriving through innovation and entrepreneurship. SVIC makes this Silicon Valley magic accessible to people globally through their vast human network and high quality programs. I've been impressed by SVIC's leadership, particularly their commitment to mutually beneficial collaboration, and have thoroughly enjoyed every interaction I've had with the talented people on the SVIC team."

Kimberly Wiefling Founder and President, Wiefling Consulting, Inc. (USA)
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