Dario Mutabdzija

Dario Mutabdzija

Co-founder of Koinify and Blueseed


Dario Mutabdzija is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Koinify and Blueseed. Koinify is in the blockchain technology (bitcoin) arena and he is responsible for positioning the company as the dominant force in the cryptofunding and smart corp fields. Prior to Koinify, Dario co-founded Blueseed and was responsible for the strategic vision and an entirely new business concept that positioned Blueseed as a globally known company. He is an on camera spokesperson, keynote speaker and has successfully promoted his startups through various media channels. 

Dario has extensive experience in raising capital and establishing partnerships and is has traveled extensively throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.  He has worked as a legal consultant in many global businesses. Dario is most passionate about helping companies develop and grow their businesses around the globe.  He has a J.D. from University of the Pacific and a Masters in Law LL.M from the University of Salzburg and is multilingual.



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