Hugh Molotsi

Hugh Molotsi

Vice President at Intuit Labs Incubator

Hugh Molotsi is an innovation leader, whose goal is to dramatically improve the lives of people involved in small businesses and organizations by developing revolutionary products and services that enable them to run more effectively and efficiently.

Hugh is the Vice President of the Intuit Labs, an internal incubation team in Intuit's Innovation and Advanced Technology Group that incubates nascent strategic businesses and helps grassroots innovation teams develop their concepts into products they can experiment with customers.

Hugh has a passion for innovation and has helped to launch several new businesses at Intuit including Intuit Payments.  Hugh is also a Financial Advisory Board member at the #YesWeCode initiative targeting low-opportunity youth and providing them with the necessary resources and tools to become world-class computer programmers.

Hugh holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of Southern Mississippi. 



Topic: Perpetual Innovation Process

    about helping the company be innovative.
    how to encourage everyone's voice in innovative product development and solving problems.

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