Jack Katz

Jack Katz

CEO at Novusglobe LLC, Educator, Venture Catalyst


Jack is an internationally recognized business and technology expert, speaker and author
 with over 25 years of Information Systems Management, Marketing and Business Development experience in such diverse industries as Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Information Technology.

Jack Katz is the CEO of Novusglobe, LLC a U.S. market-entry company which works with emerging global companies to define, develop and expand their products and services worldwide.

He has previously held senior level management positions with Red Hill Partners, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Providian Financial Services, Blue Shield of California, and Safeway, Inc.

His expertise is in advising global business on establishing global business strategy, creating new sales channels, implementing effective sales and marketing programs, and providing pre-sales support.

Jack co-founded The Global Strategic Research Institute (GSRI) is an independent nonprofit think tank and research institute which offers a global network for select business, government and academic leaders worldwide to share and disseminate innovate ideas and solutions for today's competitive world. GSRI's mission is to provide original research and educational programs on issues of globalization and international business and its effects.



Topic: Building a Startup as a Global Business. Developing a Global Competitive Business Plan

    How to establish global business strategy to enable your startup to achieve its objective of international expansion.
    How to implement effective sales and marketing campaigns.
    How to achieve market leading differentiation and profitability for your startup.

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