Max Skibinski

Max Skibinsky

Ex Partner, Andreessen Horowitz


Max Skibinsky is a serial entrepreneur and technology expert. He moved to Silicon Valley after receiving a degree in Theoretical Physics in 90’ties and arrived right in time to jump into the dot com boom. Back then, Max created his first business to provide C++ developers to many exciting clients like Netscape, Celera Genomics, Electronic Arts and many others. In 2003, he joined newly formed Voltage Security as a software architect, an encryption startup incubated at Stanford University. In early 2015 Voltage was sold to Hewlett Packard.

 Max found and grew Hive7, a social entertainment company that grew to 16 million users. Max was an investor and mentor for many YCombinator and 500 Startup before he joined Andreessen Horowitz in 2013 as an investment partner. Andreessen Horowitz is one of the top-tier venture capital firms on the Sand Hill. Recently Max left it to run a stealth Bitcoin startup he incubated.



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