Michael Connor

Michael Connor

Spice Catalyst and Author at Creating Insanely Great Customers

Michael Connor, a forward-thinking business marketing leader with an extensive background in selling and marketing cutting-edge technology, business acumen in preparing and executing strategic and tactical plans. Credited with key contributions in penetrating new accounts and markets, attaining product leadership positions, and driving sales with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. 

An author, speaker, blogger for “Creating Insanely Great Customers”, who sees his role as inspiring and building a community of people and companies committed to collaboratively achieving that goal.

A Principal / Chief Innovation Officer at Spice Catalyst, an “Agile Business Acceleration firm”, who sees his role as helping people and companies align their vision, strategy and processes to accelerate the value they create and the effectiveness by which they accomplish that.



Topic: How to Assess Innovation Opportunities for Your Business

    How to accelerate the value you create for your most visionary customers.
    How to create an environment of "always on" innovation and leverage today's technology.
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    How to transform the thinking, processes, and systems in your company to empower you and your company.

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