Michael Geer

Michael Geer

COO at AnchorFree, Board Advisor, Saya Mobile


Michael learned the consumer internet industry from the ground up while helping build BADOO.COM in Moscow and then set up the London office, constructing Badoo piece by piece scaling from 0 to 70 million users. After leaving Badoo in 2010, Michael started teaching a popular class on user acquisition as a Master Teacher at SKILLSHARE (New York), simultaneously founding his own startup CauseCart - a social good for profit donation platform. As a COO, Mike has helped grow various multi-million dollar startups in London (WAYN) and Moscow (BOOKMATE, ZVOOQ and THEORY & PRACTICE).

Michael now works for ANCHORFREE - creator of HotSpotShield, which has over 300 million downloads globally, to support the freedom and privacy of the internet with a concrete tool to reroute its traffic.

He studied aerospace engineering and international affairs at Georgia Institute of Technology, and is heavily involved in the US and European tech scene.



Topic: How to Get Your First Million Users

    The true basis of online virality.
    How to get the first million users to your online service.
    That virality is a real science that you can learn.

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