Michael Weissman

Michael Weissman

Chairman and CEO at SYNQY Corporation and Marketing Vice President at Sckipio Technologies

A popular speaker and author with twenty-seven years of high technology marketing and executive leadership experience with large companies and startups. Michael is a world-class global marketer and the leading expert in digital marketing, branding, social media, content marketing, multi-tier distribution and omni-channel environments.

Over his career, he has generated $700 million in revenue growth, grew share in over 15 different markets including the toughest markets in history and helped his last startup deliver a 6x return on investment to investors on $190M exit. Previously, Michael held management roles at Toshiba, Canon, Visioneer, Qusic, Techtel, Fresh Perspectives, Sigma Designs and Sequoia Technologies (CEO of five companies). He has also been an advisor to over 50 start-ups and global technology companies including Adobe, Apple, Amazon, HP, Symantec, and EDS.

Michael is co-author of ‘The Paradox of Excellence: How Great Performance Can Kill Your Business’ which has appeared in Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and Canada’s Globe and Mail, and is translated into seven languages.




Topic: The Future of Shopping. How New Technologies Will Disrupt Retail & What Opportunities It Creates for Entrepreneurs

    practical steps and tools to help you take advantage of unprecedented changes in online shopping and grow your business.
    what business opportunities this brings - in new technologies, new business models, new marketing approaches.
    about a quiet rise of unexpected competition - Google, which may end up controling the entire digital path to purchase.

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