Scott Mauvais

Scott Mauvais

Director, Technology & Civic Innovation

As a director of Technology & Civic Innovation Scott is working with government and civic leaders, and the citizens they serve, to tackle urban challenges.

Scott is a co-owner of The WELL, the 30-year-old ground-breaking online community. For more than 14 years, Scott has worked with Microsoft’s top technology experts and problem-solvers, most recently as director of the Microsoft Technology Center. Now he’s applying Microsoft’s unique assets to solve urban-scale problems in the city of San Francisco.

Prior to joining the MTC, Scott worked for Microsoft Consulting Services where he ran early stage projects for customers in Microsoft's Early Adopter Program. He has written extensively for Microsoft Press and Ziff-Davis and is a regular speaker at both industry and Microsoft sponsored events. Previously, he spent eight years leading the Microsoft Practice at Infogenics. His first job in the industry was using dBase and VisiCalc on a computer with eight-inch floppies.



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