Steven Aldrich

Steven Aldrich

SVP, Business Application at GoDaddy


Steven Aldrich is an entrepreneur and business leader who helped grow multiple companies by creating and growing teams, improving the customer experience, building partnerships, and championing acquisitions (two companies Steven founded were purchased by Intuit and GoDaddy).


It’s Steven's job to set and execute the GoDaddy's vision of providing elegant, end-to-end technology solutions for company's 10 million small business customers. He works with his team at GoDaddy to level the playing field to help small business start, run and grow. He also heads up the Online Bookkeeping and WorkSpace teams. 


Steven brings over a decade of experience at Intuit, where he built solutions to help small businesses use the Web to grow and run their stores. He also has small business experience as the founder of a Web company that simplified shopping for insurance. Steven earned an M.B.A. from Stanford and a B.A. in physics from University of North Carolina.



Topic: Helping Small Businesses and Startups Win Customers Online

    Why very small business is the next big thing for the global economy.
    Better ways of communicating with customers and the joys of owning a small business online.
    How easily start, confidently grow and successfully run your own venture.

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