Arthur Stepanyan

Vice President of Operations 

Arthur Stepanyan is Vice President of Operations at SVIC and supports the comprehensive set of activities promoting our series of cultural, educational and professional training programs targeted for managers, business owners and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.

Arthur is actively engaged in building partnerships with IT enterprises and alliances with academic institutions worldwide, striving to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

In over 35+ years of his professional career, Arthur was fortunate to meet with, and learn from, captains of industry and government leaders from all over the world. He is intimately familiar with such diverse fields as aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, oil and gas exploration and production, clean- and green tech, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, nuclear non-proliferation, as well as under-laying principles of business, finance and law. 

Above all, Arthur is always interested in new trends and disruptive technologies, and engaged with the people who develop them. 

All the accumulated experience gained from interacting with these thought leaders, compels him to share his knowledge with the younger generation of entrepreneurs and startup founders, here in Silicon Valley and globally.

He does it as a mentor, public speaker, consultant and "fractional executive" for startup teams and growing companies, concentrating my effort with the early-stage startups. Arthur’s primary focus is on establishing and refining the company's core structure, operational procedures, business plan and growth strategy.

Arthur enjoys helping entrepreneurs and innovators, and never refuses if  asked for advise.

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